Magic for Kids

Dan Harlan - Pack Small Play Big(1-4)
Dan Garrett - Kidshow Konnivery
Magic for Young Adults Ages 10-17 2set
Lance Burton - Secrets Of Animal Magic
2011 Sean Taylor - No Fail Kid's Magic
Kidding Around by Chris Capehart
Terry Herbert - Magic For Under 5's
The Thing by Bill Abbott
Kidwize with Clockwize Andy Clockwise
Praecantrix by Le Val
Fooling Your Dummy by Steve Taylor
Cozmic Balloons Balloon Hats
Niagara Comedy Magic Seminar 2007
Magic for Older Children by Pat Fallon
I Hate Kids by Stephen Bargatze
Dennis Forel - Balloonacy
Mel Mellers - RSVP - Modern Marvel (1-2)
Ken Scott - Making the Birthday Dough 2.0
Nikoloon - 26 Figures For Fun
Its About Time by David Ginn
Bev Bergeron - On Tape
Sure Fire Kid-show Magic by David Ginn
Talk Like a Dummy: ABC's of Ventriloquism
Kidabra - Holiday Session 1
Jozo Bozo - Milking(1-2)
Blockbuster Magic by Bob McAllister
Joe Montella - Balloon School
Talk To The Hand by Kimmo video download
Trevor Lewis - On Children On Kid's Magic
Steve Dacri - Magic Party Show
Tim Shoesmith - Magic Without Mayhem
Entertaining With Balloon Sculpting Vol 1
David Kaye - Kid Show Kliff Notes
The Balloon Video by Brian Flora
Maurice Day - Kids show magic
Pizza Paddle by Rob Thompson
Jerry Sadowitz - Pall Bearer's Revue
Treasure Trove-O-Trickery by Mac King
Partytime With Magic Dave by Dave Allen
Matt Fore - Comedy Routines
Tomas Medina - Geek Magic
The Color-Filled Kidshow by David Ginn
Mac King - Great Big Ol 'Book-O-Magic
Xmas Balloon
Kid Show Magic Lecture by Bruce Posgate
Kid Show Silk Magic by Duane Laflin
Terry Seabrooke - Magic is Entertainment
BJ Hickman - Magic of Reading