Magic for Kids

Dan Harlan - Pack Small Play Big(1-4)
Dan Garrett - Kidshow Konnivery
Magic for Young Adults Ages 10-17 2set
Lance Burton - Secrets Of Animal Magic
Kidding Around by Chris Capehart
Kidwize with Clockwize Andy Clockwise
2011 Sean Taylor - No Fail Kid's Magic
Terry Herbert - Magic For Under 5's
Magic for Older Children by Pat Fallon
The Thing by Bill Abbott
Niagara Comedy Magic Seminar 2007
Mel Mellers - RSVP - Modern Marvel (1-2)
Fooling Your Dummy by Steve Taylor
Praecantrix by Le Val
Dennis Forel - Balloonacy
Ken Scott - Making the Birthday Dough 2.0
Bev Bergeron - On Tape
Talk To The Hand by Kimmo video download
Joe Montella - Balloon School
Jozo Bozo - Milking(1-2)
I Hate Kids by Stephen Bargatze
Talk Like a Dummy: ABC's of Ventriloquism
Blockbuster Magic by Bob McAllister
Its About Time by David Ginn
Steve Dacri - Magic Party Show
Nikoloon - 26 Figures For Fun
The Balloon Video by Brian Flora
Entertaining With Balloon Sculpting Vol 1
Tim Shoesmith - Magic Without Mayhem
Pizza Paddle by Rob Thompson
Trevor Lewis - On Children On Kid's Magic
David Kaye - Kid Show Kliff Notes
Partytime With Magic Dave by Dave Allen
Treasure Trove-O-Trickery by Mac King
Matt Fore - Comedy Routines
Jerry Sadowitz - Pall Bearer's Revue
Mac King - Great Big Ol 'Book-O-Magic
Tomas Medina - Geek Magic
Kid Show Silk Magic by Duane Laflin
Kid Show Magic Lecture by Bruce Posgate
Xmas Balloon
Terry Seabrooke - Magic is Entertainment
BJ Hickman - Magic of Reading