Thetalia by Ian Rowland

Thetalia by Ian Rowland

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Thetalia by Ian Rowland
(Instant Download)A reputation-maker with a GENUINELY SHUFFLED DECK. Without looking at a SINGLE CARD you begin, and look like the god of card-cheats
"I've been performing it for 25 years" -Ian Rowland

A card trick with NO EXPLANATION.

1. Grab a borrowed, shuffled deck and WITHOUT LOOKING AT A SINGLE CARD, you're ready to begin.
2. You proceed to find aces, deal winning hands, pairs, full-houses, straights and generally cause jaws to drop on the floor.

"Plays really strongly for people" -Patrick Redford

"The method is as much fun as the trick" -Ian Rowland

PROFESSIONALS: Explained in-depth for the first time on film, Ian Rowland's MASTERPIECE "Thetalia" will turn you into a god-of-card-cheating (at least that's what your audiences will be left thinking).

Any deck. Anytime. Anywhere. Amazing.

With a running time of 1 hour and 20 minutes, Ian goes into full detail, explaining how he presents this beautiful effect.

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