Zero Set by Limin & Magic Soul (Download)

Zero Set by Limin & Magic Soul (Download)

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Limin - Zero Set


[Zero Set]
Take your audience member's card-signed, if you want!- and make it magically appear inside this clear plastic ID holder. This trick is both simple to perform and stunning to behold!

This product has been in development for over three years, undergoing many series of improvements, and is finally ready to be shared amongst you and your friends. Two versions are included, beginner and advanced, to fit your particular need.

[Beginner Version]
Includes a supplementary card force set-up to ensure that even those with no magic experience at all can experience the magic of this clever trick, and perform it with props alone.

[Advanced Version]
Teaches you how to supplement the props with your own technical ability to make the final effect even more unbelievable-not only can the audience member sign their card, they can inspect the ID holder with their own two hands!


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