Steve Pellegrino - Quick Deck Switch PDF

Steve Pellegrino - Quick Deck Switch PDF

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Steve Pellegrino - Quick Deck Switch

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This is a secret weapon Steve has been using for two decades. The Quick Switch gimmick will allow you to easily switch a deck of cards at any time during your performance. He has used it to switch a regular deck with a stacked deck in the middle of a set of card effects, in the middle of an Ambitious Card routine to bring a Solid Deception or Omni Deck climax into play and on stage in both his mentalism and magic shows.

The gimmick itself is easy to construct in less than 15 minutes with items you most likely have around the house. If you have to buy anything, one stop at a hardware store and less than $10 will get you what you need. No special tools or skills are required to make this.

It can be added to any suit coat or sports jacket without modifying the coat. There's no velcro needed and it's easily transferred from one coat to another. No special pockets or Topit are required.

Two gimmicks are described, both gimmicks can be used for just about any deck switch you need. The second gimmick was developed for Steve's stand-up routine The Razor's Edge, which is included as a bonus.

The Razor's Edge, Steve's handling and improvements for Richard Himber's effect The Surprise Stab, an effect which was featured by Fred Kaps and Scotty York.

Here's the effect: A card is selected, remembered and placed back in the deck. The deck is placed back in the box. You introduce a double-edged razor blade. The razor blade is inserted into the box with the cards. You close the card box and proceed to shake the box. It's obvious by the sound coming from the box that the razor is shredding the cards. You open the box and over a wine glass pour out the contents of the box, which is cut up pieces of playing cards, except for one card which is intact, the selected card.

This is a commercial stand-up card effect that your audiences are guaranteed to love. This effect is so good that if you used the gimmick just for this effect alone, you will have gotten more than your money's worth.

Also covered in the manuscript is the timing and psychology of the deck switch along with overcoming "magician's guilt" when executing the switch. If you've always wanted to learn a deck switch, but fear got in the way, this manuscript will help you as it's not as difficult as you might think.

1st edition 2014, 21 pages.
word count: 4017 which is equivalent to 16 standard pages of text


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