Abstract Effects - Stab Happy (MP4 Video Download)

Abstract Effects - Stab Happy (MP4 Video Download)

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Stab Happy by Abstract Effects

Abstract Effects presents: Stab Happy

The card stab reimagined for close-up in an entirely new and impossible way!

Your spectator selects and signs a card which then gets returned to the deck and the deck is shuffled, at which point you pull out your pocket knife and stab it through the edge of the deck, stabbing into the very edge between the fibers of a single card to reveal that you've managed to impossibly stab into their signed card!

Easy to do.
Can be done with most knives, including borrowed knives!
Includes gimmicks for Red & Blue Bicycle Rider Back decks plus materials to make extra gimmicks.
Ready to go out of the box.
Can be customized to almost any deck of cards.
Can even be done without a knife! You can perform Stab Happy with a variety of objects including another playing card!
Knife not included because lawyers and stuff.

Use caution when handling sharp objects. Contact with sharp objects may cause injury. Always handle with care and do not cut towards fingers or body. Keep sharp objects away from children or individuals who act like children.

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