Legacy of Annemann with Docc Hilford (Video Download)

Legacy of Annemann with Docc Hilford (Video Download)



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Docc Hilford - Legacy of Annemann with Docc Hilford

(Instant Download) Two lifetimes of experience, shared for the first time in this nearly 3 hour course. Each chapter is a showpiece from both Docc's and Anneman's repertoires.

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This is a unique mentalism product, even among those special products aimed at professionals. Learning this material is like standing on the shoulders of a giant who is standing on the shoulders of another giant.

Here's why..

Docc Hilford is teaching his own working material. But specifically, he's teaching his working material that is based on Ted Anneman's working material.

The tricks were gold to start with. Then Docc performed them thousands of times, and they've evolved into polished MODERN showpieces. He's pouring every bit of that lifetime of experience -- no wait, TWO lifetimes of experience -- into this nearly three HOUR course.

There is no filler here. Each chapter is a showpiece. You get to see live audience performances of everything, and then learn in full detail how to entertain and amaze with them.

FIVE polished routines. Full live performances for real audiences. Nearly 3 hours long.

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