Ken Dyne - E1 Prediction Revolution

Ken Dyne - E1 Prediction Revolution

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Ken Dyne - E1 Prediction Revolution

“I seldom if ever buy any effects but the description sounded perfect for something I was trying to achieve for my 2013.Having read E1 I can say it’s a diabolically clever principle exceptionally well suited for large stage shows. A modified version of this is going straight in my new show”-Doug Segal- Winner Best Cabaret Brighton Fringe 2012. Winner Three Weeks Editor’s Choice Award Edinburgh Fringe 2012. E1 has been the most significantadditiveto my working performances that I’ve added in years. It’s fair, the choices are free and the outcome isguaranteed. What’s more, it works equally without limitation close up, cabaret, parlour and even on the theatre stage. After openly asking six members of the audience to write down “Any random word” on to a piece of card each, the cards are collected and given to your on stage participant. The smiley, bright eyed, attractive young lady is asked to look through the six words, and if by any chance any of the words happen to be the same, discard it from her mind but to look over all of the cards, “they are all different words, right?” “Yes” she replies.

“Go ahead and secretly chose one. But please, this choice is important. It is yours, it must be a choice you are making right now, consciously looking at the different words and decide which one you would like to go with. “Before you make your decision, there is one word inside of this envelope, I’m hoping to have influenced one of these six people to think of this word, and now I’m hoping to guide you right to it. So this choice, is pretty important.” She secretly chooses a word.“You are a clever bugger. Very simple, actually very old-school in that it feels very solid without a chance of failure, mechanical in operation but very organic in performance with some nice contemporary convincers."- Phill Smith (Author Of Mitox, Mentalist and Consultant)Now Read This Carefully:That is the word you remove, printed from inside of the totally ungimmicked envelope. The envelope can be given away afterwards. There is NOTHING else inside yet her choice of any of the words is TOTALLY free.

  1. The prediction is always the one printed word inside the envelope, there are NO ‘other’ revelations to cover other words (such as on the back of the envelope, it’s always the word in the envelope).
  2. There is no secret writing
  3. There is no dual reality, stooging or pre-show
  4. No secret loading or mechanical moving parts at all
  5. No pre-show work at all
  6. No gimmicked envelope
  7. No angle problems and
  8. It works fantastically as a formal stage piece AND as a casual piece you carry in your pocket.
  9. The choice of word is 100% totally free and there is NO procedure to have her choose it. She looks over 5 or 6 of them and decides which one she likes best and your prediction matches.
  10. It works in any language (the examples are in English of course but can easily be adapted)

E1 is a new concept in prediction methods that I’ve never seen anywhere before.

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