The Clover Project by Brian Kennedy

The Clover Project by Brian Kennedy

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The Clover Projectby Brian Kennedy


"The Clover Project offers three powerful card effects and is well worth checking out."-Peter Duffie, Magic Magazine

Two of Ireland's leading creators - Brian Kennedy and Carl Campbell present their CLOVER PROJECT.

Three incredibly strong, original effects, from their working repertoire.
  • Cello-Ollogy: A chosen signed card visually penetrates the cellophane on an examined card box.
  • Roulette: Brian's magician fooler! Out of this World with a deck that is shuffled anyway and everyway by the spectator. The spectators themselves then separate the cards into two separate piles, one red and one black.
  • Diffuse: A signed card is returned to the deck and further isolated in the card case. The case is then bound with a piece of ribbon. In a mind blowing moment of visual magic the card visibly penetrates the card case and appears instantly, trapped by the ribbon, on the outside of the case. It can be immediately examined.

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