Tobias Levin and Oliver Sogard - Director's Cut video download

Tobias Levin and Oliver Sogard - Director's Cut video download



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Tobias Levin and Oliver Sogard - Director's Cut

Tobias Levin and Oliver Sogard have been doing card flourishes for five years. Now it's time for you to learn eight of their original card flourishes.

Here is a list of the 8 main flourishes on the DVD:


A packet seemingly gets pushed out and over the deck, then returns on top only to be spun around itself one more time.


An X-display transforms and closes itself with a complex zig-zag motion.


A simple and cleverly constructed card flourish with a packet revolving quickly around the thumb.

Rolling Stones

Packets revolves all around the hands in this rolling mess of eye candy.

Prince Charming

Also known as the one handed Flirt. A card quickly spins out of the deck and returns on top.


A smooth and beautifully flowing flourish containing spins, glides and cuts. It has been recognized as one of Tobias' best moves.


One of Oliver's signature moves which involves a confusing yet controlled cut in the beginning and ends with a card sliding on top of the deck.


Two packets simultaneously rotates in an elegant manner. Like the wings of a dragonfly.

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