Daniel Madison & Eric Jones - Gaff System

Daniel Madison & Eric Jones - Gaff System

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Daniel Madison & Eric Jones - Gaff System

Uniquely designed, the gaff system is the only type of gaff deck in its class. A complete system that can be used across the Tundra (White), Emerald Green or Cobalt Blue Artifice Decks. Never before has something as outrageous as this project been attempted, all three colors together in one deck.

Our first Gaff Deck came from the mind of Justin Miller. The follow-up ‘UltraGaff’ came from the twin creative minds of Wayne Houchin and Daniel Garcia. We knew with The Gaff System, we just had to go one better. Enter Three of the best minds in magic today.

We flew Daniel Madison, Eric Jones and Calen Morelli to Vegas, and locked them up in a hotel room for three days, until they emerged with a notebook FILLED with sketches and ideas - the original concepts for the Gaff System. From there began the process of culling effects OUT of the deck, ensuring only the best ideas from that session remained.

After a full week in Los Angeles, performing for strangers on Venice Beach, refining the handling of each effect until it was FLAWLESS, and shooting the explanations in a mansion in the Hollywood Hills, we’re proud to look back and say that this is undoubtedly the best gaff deck ever produced.

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