The Sankey Sanders Sessions

The Sankey Sanders Sessions

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In September of 2002, Jay Sankey and Richard Sanders began video corresponding, sending rough magic ideas and handlings back and forth between Toronto and Montreal. During the next year and a half they included many of the routines in their professional performances while continuing to refine the handlins and swap ideas. Then in January of 2004, Richard and Jay met in Montreal for a series of intense marathon sessions during which they stoped only to grab a shower, some pizza and buy more decks of cards. During the same 72-hour period they taped the material that makes up this very special double volume DVD.

The "Sankey/Sanders Sessions" features 21 astonishing close-up effects along with hilarious impovisations and though provoking interview segments. It is also a fascinating, timeless document of two master sleight-of-hand magicians who have been close friends for over twenty years.


  1. Terra Unfirma:A cardboard "hole" becomes real! Too cool!
  2. Hardcore Packet:A packet trick on steroids!
  3. Litmus Paper:Step-by-step printing of a card!
  4. On Impulse:Jay's "spectator finds the Aces" routine!
  5. Midas Touch:Splitting coins never looked so good!
  6. Imposters:Random cards transform into the signed card!
  7. Impossible Stop Trick:Right out of Richard's professional repertoire!
  8. Shuffle By Choice:A self-working "in their hands" miracle!
  9. Power Lunch:Jay's favorite routine with business cards!
  10. Mix Master:We don't want to ruin the surprise!
  11. Moving Day:A small tear travels the length of a bill!


  1. Repeat Offender:The selection appears stapled inside a matchbook!
  2. Bleed Through:A message melts through a borrowed bill!
  3. Up & Over Aces:Richard's ingenious four Ace production!
  4. Proximity:Two cards find each other in the dark!
  5. Defective:A "cardboard malfunction" is overcome!
  6. Switch Places Aces:The classic routine from "When Creators Collide!"
  7. Seeing Read:A deadly serious, psychic "book test."
  8. Consolidated Cash:Don't blink or you'll miss the miracle!
  9. Ground Zero:A card appears in the spectator's own hands!
  10. Belly of the Beast:The new "heavy transpo" on the block!

Volume One Running TimeApproximately 1hr 14min
Volume Two Running TimeApproximately 1hr 28min

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