PP Bill Abbott - Smart Ass (video + PDF)
Doc Eason - Bar Magic 3sets
Opening Minds by Colin Mcleod (4 Disc Set)
Marc Paul - Mind 2 Mind
Steve Banachek - Psi Series(1-4)
Bob Cassidy - Mental Miracles
Stefan Olschewski - Mentalities(1-2)
Max Maven - Multiplicity
Secrets of Psychics Revealed
Ryan Schlutz - Decon 2.0
Annemann's Practical Mental Effects(1-6)
Anthony Owen - International Lecture 2007
David Solomon - Solomon's Mind
Derren Brown - Inside Your Mind
Richard Osterlind - Mind Mysteries(1-7)
Abacus by Rus Andrews (Instant Download)
Magic Smith - Super Sharpie
Ben Cardall - Sherlockian(1-2)
Andrew Mayne - Focal Point
Peter Nardi - E.S.Perfect
Michael Boden - Experimental Thoughts
Booked by Steve Valentine
Christopher Taylor - No Batteries Required
Aaron Williams - PlayBack
Kochov - Dial-Abolical
Imaginary Ball by Matt Mello (Video + PDF)
Mental Deceptions Vol.2 by Rick Maue
Joel Dickinson - Code Break
Human Slot Machine by Quique Marduk
Batiste - Numerologie
International Magic - Derren Brown Lecture
Rodrigo Romano - Gilligan's Predictiona
Knockout Prediction Outdone by Wayne Fox
Isolated by Pablo Amira video download
Xpert by Neil Tobin
Zodino by Andreas Dante
Comedy Magic and Mind Reading Lecture
Nefesch - Blackout
Gregory Wilson - Exact Change
Brian Kennedy - Acaan
Joshua Jay - Split Decision
Bobby Motta - Blackmail
Cerberus Wallet by Daniel Meadows
Andrew Gerard - Mind Waves(1-3)
Jason Palter - The Space Between
Pablo Amira - Gemini
Paul Stockman - Connected(1-2)
Spidey - Shredder