The Blue Crown Chris Mayhew - Commodore 64

The Blue Crown Chris Mayhew - Commodore 64

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The Blue Crown Chris Mayhew - Commodore 64

The most unique transposition ever!

Chris Mayhew is back with the most unique transpo effect ever! Instead of single cards switching places, Chris has come up with a diabolical way to make a pair of cards change places with a single card!

No duplicates, no gimmicks.

You fairly display 2 mate cards, such as the black jacks, and place them into the center of the pack. You then show a random card, which is placed on top of the deck. In an instant, the 2 mate cards are on top of the deck and the random card is in the middle!

Variations and bonus sleights.

On the Commodore 64 download Chris teaches 2 variations, one of which is 100% angle-proof so you can use it in any situation! You’ll also learn 2 extremely useful sleights that can be applied to countless other routines.

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