Ellusionist - Pegasus by Perseus Arkomanis

Ellusionist - Pegasus by Perseus Arkomanis

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Pegasus by Perseus Arkomanis


The Greek God; Perseus Arkomanis is back.Creator of some of 2015's best-selling effects (Weak & Greek Switch), Perseus introduces his methods for some myths of modern coin magic.

Based on a classic technique of coin magic, Pegasus teaches you full routines, applications and bonus ideas to help you construct metallic miracles.

Over-flowing with 10 audience tested routines:

The essential staple in any coin workers set.

A simple vanish for beginners to tackle, and pros to absorb instantly. Perseus’ covers his precision timing on this to elevate it to a near perfect vanish.

Take a single coin on a journey around the world as it changes from a US Dollar, to a Chinese coin and finally to a Euro. Each change is motivated and the routine flows like water, with the hands being shown empty the entire time.

Perseus' take on the classic shadow coins routine, but with your hands able to be shown empty the entire way through. Designed for strolling magicians and uses no close up pad. The power of this routine is maximised by the audible clink as each coin travels invisibly through the air.

Three coins across. Greek Style... Pathway is a 3-fly inspired routine, that happensin the spectators hands.

Squash a solid metal coin in the spectators hands. Then, restore it right back to it’s original condition and show your hands empty.

A variation on the wild coin routine. One by one, three coins change into Chinese coins. Each time you change a coin the spectator takes it into their closed fist. When they open their hand. Their coins have transformed back to their original state.

Punch a hole in a coin with your finger, show your hands empty and as it drops into the spectators hands It immediately restores.

3 solid coins are held at the fingertips. As they fall to the table they immediately change into chinese coins. This doesn’t even seem possible when you see happen!

A borrowed straw travels straight through the center of a silver coin, transforming into a Chinese coin as it happens. When the coin is stripped off the straw, it immediately reverts back to a solid silver coin.

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