iFlight by Bill Perkins

iFlight by Bill Perkins

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iFlightby Bill Perkins


"A really nice feature is how convincing it is that the ring really is on the earbuds and wrapped around the phone. The method is clever and I imagine took some time working it out to get it working and looking so convincing. "-Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine

A borrowed ring appears LINKED ONTO YOUR HEADPHONES that are wrapped around your phone... in your back pocket! Sleek, modern, powerful, and memorable.

iFlight is an update for the classic "Ring Flight" effect, in which you cause a borrowed ring to reappear somewhere unexpected. Rather than use a leather key wallet (which are rarely seen these days), creator Bill Perkins has devised a simple yet stunning solution to load a borrowed ring onto the middle of your headphones, which are wrapped around your mobile phone. Watch the trailer for an accurate depiction of how great this looks in real time.

It's easy to do and comes with a gimmicked marker that facilitates everything. Use YOUR phone, YOUR earbuds, and anyone's ring. No alterations to your clothing is necessary, and once you have this special gimmick, the routine is impromptu and easy to perform.
  • No reels, or chance of losing the spectator's ring
  • Very easy to do
  • Use any phone and headphones
  • Clever new method leaves the ring ACTUALLY wrapped onto your headphones

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