CLOTH by Steve Valentine (Video Download 3 Vols)

CLOTH by Steve Valentine (Video Download 3 Vols)

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CLOTH by Steve Valentine

Video Download 3 Volume



This is Steve's brilliant take on the classic CARD THOUGH HANKY - the perfect effect for todays audience.

Steve's version uses simple gimmicks that you can make in less than a minute, gimmicks which kick the classic effect into miracle status.

Pull one, two or three cards through the cloth, each in a unique way... your choice!

Imagine being able to show the hanky before, during and after the penetrations, from BOTH SIDES!

MORE THAN THAT, Steve has created the most insane BONUS SECTION of any DVD ever.

Almost an ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CARD THROUGH HANKY, with methods and effects culled from the last 100 years of literature.

Revealed are incredible, little known handlings and effects, so no matter what hanky or deck you are handed, whether you have the gimmick with you or not, you will ALWAYS be ready to perform some terrific version of CARD THROUGH HANKY.

MORE THAN THAT, Steve has included gags, business and NON card effects using a regular hanky, so you can create the perfect routine to suit your needs.
With the material on these DVD's you can create whole acts for strolling!

Over three hours of material, two years in the making, one incredible product.

Steve Valentine is proud to present, CLOTH!


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