Sean Waters - Reflections

Sean Waters - Reflections

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Reflections is a 112-page PDF ebook, which contains six routines, four essays and bonus material. In this latest work, you will learn routines demonstrating your ability to read body language & vocal cues and how to influence actions with a mysterious subliminal image. You can learn how to access your participant's latent photographic memory; twice. There is also a method to genuinely know what your participants will do, before they do (apply this to your favorite "Out of this World" or "Which Hand" routine). Sean also describes a way to determine an imagined American coin (including the date and side), which is pictured in your participant's mind. Also in Reflections is Sean's favorite "thought-of card" routine, which is his most performed routine with a borrowed deck. With this, you will prove that you can see the visualizations in your helper's mind (this is guaranteed to make its way into your permanent arsenal). This latest compilation features the trademark blend of classic methods with psychological techniques, all structured for maximum effect. Each of these effects are easy to perform, yet feel strikingly real.


Terms of Endearment - hear and see people's inner thoughts and feelings
Shadowlands - An essay regarding meaning and mentalism
Lateral Time - An experiment in subliminal influence: an image is shown to have influenced the time set on a watch
Mind's Eye - Prove a participant has photographic memory; twice
The Pattern - A way to genuinely predict actions before they are done; Sean has astounded laymen & magicians with this method
Copperhead - A routine utilizing suggestion and clandestine methods to see a coin pictured in an on-looker's mind
PPT - An entertaining parlor effect that is both easy and astounding
The Naked Truth - An essay regarding the inherent opportunities when we fail
Fields of Vision - An impromptu, powerful mind reading routine with cards
John Lindell - An entreaty for generosity
The Extra Mile - bonus material
Pushing My Luck - A fate predetermined
The Shill - Peek into the psychology of the con-man
Mammon - An entertaining Kutotsuke presentation

Sean Waters material rides at the top of Mentalism's 'New Wave'..
— Bob Cassidy, Performer, Author and Co-Founder of the P.E.A.

"Reflections" is, like all of Sean's work, thought-provoking, powerful and practical. It is a marvelous collection of material, and highly recommended.
— Gabe Abelson, writer and performer

In short, if you're already a fan of Sean's work, I'll bet you a cookie you'll be a fan of this book. If you're not familiar with his work, I would bet you'll be a fan once you read it.
— Joshua Quinn, Creator and Author

I want to thank you for again sharing your wonderful and inspiring thinking with us! I had very high expectations - and I have to say that Reflections didn't disappoint me at all. Another winner from you!
— Aleksi Hietanen

Sean continues to put some great routines together. His routines always have an emotional hook that both captivates and mystifies the spectators. I am very fond of his Lateral Time as I love any effect that allows you to predict a time... practically impromptu. Along with the great effects he has worked out some psychological subtleties that can be added to many other effects and routines that are already out there. Every time I get something from Sean I am intrigued and amazed by his thinking. He's a smart thinker and you should be smart enough to get his latest book . . . in fact, track down all the stuff he's put out.
— Gregory Arce

"A Brilliant double thought-of card with a shuffled, borrowed deck" (in regards to the effect "Fields of Vision" in Reflections)
— Anthony Jacquin, Hynotist, Author and Performer

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