The Life and Mysteries of the Celebrated Dr. Q by Alexander

The Life and Mysteries of the Celebrated Dr. Q by Alexander

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The Life and Mysteries of the Celebrated Dr. Q

One of the most truly remarkable mentalism books ever published. Written by prominent stage magician and crystal gazer, "Alexander," billed as "The Man Who Knows," Alexander's "Dr. Q Book" recounts the extraordinary adventures of Dr. Q – a mystic, rogue and con-man Alexander met in Honduras. Was Dr. Q real or was he Conlin's alter ego? More than just a collection of entertaining anecdotes, however, this book contains complete explanations of the methods as well as detailed diagrams of the equipment used by crystal gazers, clairvoyants and mediums of the period. Plus, numerous mentalism effects, several major stage illusions including the Asrah Levitation, John Nevil Maskelyne's brilliant Entranced Fakir levitation (Kellar's Levitation of Princess Karnac, later used by Thurston), The Materialization of a Living Human Being, as well as escapes, and much more. This is the complete, original Alexander edition in a top quality new release, completely re-typeset and re-formatted for 8-1/2 x 11 or A4 page size with larger, easier to read type and generous spacing, profusely illustrated, 174 pages. A must-have addition to your magic or mentalism library!

Complete index…

  • Advertising Scheme Extraordinary

  • Anna Eva Fay Act

  • Asrah Illusion

  • Automatic Writing

  • Blindfold Method of Crystal Gazing

  • Blackboard System of Crystal Gazing

  • Challenge Handcuff Act

  • Clairvoyancy and Clairaudience

  • Clairvoyancy and Slate Writing Extraordinary

  • Crystal Gazing

  • Dark Trumpet Seance of Dr. “Q”

  • Eight Methods of Switching Questions

  • Experiences of Dr. “Q” Presenting Handcuff Act

  • Faro Box Method of Crystal Gazing

  • Great Hypnotic Experience of Dr. “Q”

  • Hand Box Method of Crystal Gazing

  • Hindoo Needle

  • Humorous Questions and Answers

  • Induction Method of Crystal Gazing

  • Mail Bag Escape

  • Master Mind Act

  • Master Secret of Madame La Rose

  • Materialization

  • Materialization of a Living Human Being

  • Mental Projection Extraordinary

  • Metal Ball Method of Crystal Gazing

  • Miracle in Modern Seership

  • Mysterious Table Raps with Unprepared Table

  • Original Duck Vanish

  • Packing Box Escape

  • Pedestal Method of Crystal Gazing

  • Producing a Spook

  • Rubber Hose Method of Gaining Questions

  • Roller Hand Fake Method of Crystal Gazing

  • Sacred Trumpet Seance

  • Sawing a Lady in Two

  • Sealed Letter Reading

  • Sealed Message and Sealed Slate Tests

  • Secret Correspondence

  • Si Stebbins’ Deck and Arrangement

  • Silent Method of Transmitting Questions

  • Spirit Paintings

  • Stage Astral Trance Clairvoyancy

  • Stage Clairvoyancy

  • Stylus Method of Crystal Gazing

  • Turban Method of Crystal Gazing

  • Talking Teakettle

  • Test Seance of Dr. “Q”

  • Telepathy and Proof by Telephone

  • Trumpet Seance

  • The Power of Mind over Matter (Entranced Fakir Levitation)

  • The Human Magnet

  • Telepathy Extraordinary

  • Three Slate Office Stunt

  • The Office Switch

  • Whispering Buddah

  • Want Ad Test

  • Zancig Second Sight Act

Plus, rare Floyd Thayer Dr. Q manuscripts:

  • Dr. Q's Sight Unseen

  • Dr. Q's Hypnotic Act

  • Dr. Q Simplicity Mindreading Act

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