Genii Magazine - February 2015

Genii Magazine - February 2015

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54 Joshua Jay: Some Steps Along the Way by David Britland

70 Waves of Silent Applause by Simon J. Carmel


10 Genii Speaks by Richard Kaufman

12 On the Slant by Jon Racherbaumer

14 Now Performing

15 In Memoriam Amy Dawes by Clay Shevlin

17 Eugene's Notebook Where Magicians Meet by Eugene Burger

18 The Chamber of Secrets French Ball Grabbers by John Gaugha

23 Cardopolis Fool's Mate by David Britland

24 Ringside Paparazzi Pocket Trick by Caleb Wiles

28 DaOrtiz Orderly Chaos by Dani DaOrtiz

32 Conjuring Gobbledygook by Jim Steinmeyer

36 Magicana by Andi Gladwin

36 Stessel’s Zapped by John Stessel

37 Prace Peek by Jeff Prace

40 Journey Through Boston by Gregg Webb

46 The Academy of Magical Arts in Genii

46 Knights of the Magic Castle by Daniel Ulin

49 Magic Castle Performance Schedule


80 Videos Reviewed by Joe M. Turner

80 Rubber Bang! by Sean Yang

80 52 Pieces of Paper by Idan Kaufman

81 Sparks by JC James

82 At the Table Live Lecture: Jack Carpenter by Jack Carpenter

82 A.C.A.A.N. Meeting by Marcelo Insua

82 Stand Up Magic by Tom Wright

82 Mugshot by Kevin Schalle

83 Books Reviewed by Eric Mead

83 Art Decko by Simon Aronson

84 Creating Theatrical Magic by Max Howar

85 On Writing Magic—The Hermetic Press Stylebook by Stephen Minch

85 Tricks Reviewed by Danny Orleans

86 Hein’s Catch Up by Karl Hein

87 Secret Passage by Jay Sankey

87 Paul Harris Presents “Fair Play” by Steve Haynes and Uday Jadugar

88 Cody’s Comedy Book Test by Cody Fisher

88 On Off by Nicholas Lawrence

88 Mrs Brown's Magic Cookies by Todd Brown

89 The Ultimate Book Test Act by Luca Volpe