Method Impossible II By Jason Messina PDF

Method Impossible II By Jason Messina PDF

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Jason Messina - Method Impossible II

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League of Invisible Friends is an exciting imaginary adventure you can apply to existing effects. I explain exactly how I use it to build up an exciting piece of theater with a classic prop that's probably sitting in your drawer.

There is a tip in here that will allow you to make an object move right in synch with a spectator's unspoken thoughts!

Name Opener. takes one of the best card tricks in the world, throws it in a blender and completely reassembles it for maximum personal impact and resonance.

You'll start performing one of the many variations explained tomorrow!

Confessions of an ESP Researcher is an essay exploring magic as a mind expansion tool vs. an identity. The sample scenario will make your head spin with possibility....

The Color of Your Thoughts is one of my pet routines that people are always asking about. I reveal the step-by-step process I went through to devise each and every aspect of the routine. Featuring The 5 Question Test, you could turn this routine into a mini-act!

Also included: Horatio Jones Mind Reading Secret, The Lucky Principle, Reverse Pulse Control, Luke Jermay Confuses My Girlfriend

and introducing Noise Theory......

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