Any Liar At Any Truth-Teller by Mark Elsdon (PDF Download)

Any Liar At Any Truth-Teller by Mark Elsdon (PDF Download)

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Any Liar At Any Truth-Teller by Mark Elsdon

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This trick has fooledEVERYmagician and mentalist who has seen it!
After a lot of research and experimentation, I've applied one of my favourite creative techniques from Hegarty to a delightful twist of logic from Smullyan and have created an absolute wowser of a card trick!

It's titled Any Liar At Any Truth-teller (you can probably guess the plot!) and rather counter-intuitively, adding the liar/truth-teller element into the ACAAN effect not only ramps up the impact immeasurably, it also really clarifies the impossibility of THAT specific card being at THAT specific number. Particularly since you don't know which one of the participants is lying about their card or number until the very last second...

Suffice it to say, if you already use Tequila Hustler or Strange Oblique then Any Liar will probably go into your repertoire immediately. I honestly can't see myself ever doing the ACAAN effect any other way from this point on.

And best of all, the liar/truth-teller element has nothing whatsoever to do with the method, it merely serves to enhance the presentation and up the ante.

Two versions are taught: one using a gaffed deck (my favourite and the only one I'll use, although your mileage may vary) and a second handling which closely replicates the effect using a regular deck.

Here are the first two reviews I received:

"Mark's new 'Any Liar' is a hugely powerful and totally entertaining worker. How does he keep coming up with them?!? I don't know either, but I'm glad he does!"
- Marc Oberon

"Mark has a knack of threading together unrelated ideas and principles and turning them into a coherent, intricate work of art! This routine is equally as beguiling to the performer as it is to the spectator and I cannot recommend it highly enough."
- Jamie Badman