2012 Second Thoughts on the Second Deal 2 vols set (Download)

2012 Second Thoughts on the Second Deal 2 vols set (Download)

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Second Thoughts on the Second Deal(1-2)


DVD 1 - Effects and Explanations:
Running time: approx 60 minutes

The Aces of Spades Trick: This is a classic Marlo/Vernon 'stop' effect that has more than a few versatile applications.

The Fastest Card: The performer finds a selection (seemingly out of nowhere) in the fastest possible time!

Gwen's Choice: An extremely clean and inexplicable transposition effect of two selections.

The Crossing: When magic and gambling collides, you get more than just a crossing - you get a miracle in this gambling demonstration!

The Slayer: This takes card control to another level. You will slay your audience.

DVD 2 - The Second Deal Explanation
Running time: approx 90 minutes
- General Introduction to the Second deal technique
- Types of decks to use
- Maintaining ideal skin conditions
- Grips: mechanics vs master
- The strike second
* strike left hand position/right hand take
* the brief: how to minimise it; the facts and myths
* starting the deal: overcoming hang ups on the start
* surface tension
* stud style deals
- The push off second
* push off left hand position/ right hand take
* B.A.P. and its applications
* stud style deals
* one-handed deals
* variations - le paul; movie; tabled; from spreads
- Tells to avoid
- Noise Control
- How to practice
- Afterthoughts