IMS Masters Series 50-Volume Set (Download)

IMS Masters Series 50-Volume Set (Download)

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The IMS Masters Series DVD Set is loaded with the most fascinating tricks and effects. The magic fraternity’s greatest minds have gathered on the Masters Series to teach you their best kept secrets.

Kevin James is one of the most original magicians of our time. In fact, he invented many incredible magical effects and illusions which are used by famous magicians, including David Copperfield. Let me describe a few of the tricks he teaches you on the Masters Series. As a matter of fact, this one trick is worth the price of the entire 50-Volume Masters Series. Kevin James takes a selected card and visibly penetrates the card into a see-through balloon. He really blew me away with this one! My jaw was hanging with disbelief! And that’s just for starters. Then he teaches you a very clean and very clever cut and restored rope. Then he shares with you his complete walk-around routine with just a bottle and a coin. All this and more incredible magic from Kevin James await you in the Masters Series.

Lennart Green, the F.I.S.M champion of card magic, shares with you some easy-to-do incredible card tricks. How’s this for starters? Lennart takes a well-shuffled borrowed deck of cards. A spectator calls out any number. He now tells the spectator which card is at that location. When the spectator counts the cards, he’s amazed that the card Lennart called is at that exact location! The trick can be repeated over and over again by different spectators. This one trick alone is worth the price of the entire Masters Series. And then he continues by teaching you some of the most novel ways of revealing four aces, spot cards, court cards, or anything else that you wish.

Paul Gertner ranks among the top master magicians in the world. He shares with you a complete act from beginning to end. The magic he teaches you in this act is a reputation maker. Paul Gertner uses this act in any close-up situation (corporate, restaurant, hospitality suite, etc.) when he wants his spectators to remember him.

Bill Malone appeared on the front cover of Magic Magazine more than any other magician. He’s booked solid for every week of the year. In addition to teaching great card tricks, Bill Malone shares with you the advise that only an experienced professional magician can give.

James Dimmare is a two-time winner of Siegfried & Roy’s Golden Lionhead Award. And for the first time, he teaches his magic on video or DVD. In addition to his own clever magic, he also teaches you some of Channing Pollock’s master dove productions. He also shares with you his award-winning close-up act.

Kozak has been appearing in Las Vegas at the World’s Greatest Magic Show for over a year now. He is more than generous enough to teach you his entire Tequila Act, as seen in Las Vegas, as well as the long, long, long, very long salt pour. And he also teaches you his incredible egg production routine, which has been blowing people away even in close-up shows.

Paul Wilson recently appeared in the Hollywood motion picture Shade, which featured Sylvester Stallone, Melanie Griffith, Jamie Fox, Gabriel Byrne, and Stuart Townsend. In this movie about professional card cheats, Paul Wilson also served as a technical consultant. In the Masters Series, Paul Wilson shares with you some of his most clever routines with cards and coins, as well as good sound advice.

Harry Lorayne, a legendary master of card magic, authored more than thirty books on magic. He graciously shares with the IMS members three volumes jam-packed with card magic. Harry shows and explains to you how far you can go with just a borrowed deck of cards.

Gary Darwin, another prolific author in magic and a lifetime student and collector of magic, shares with the members of the IMS everything you need to know about the Miser’s Dream and more. He shares with you so many different ways of endlessly producing coins. He gives you complete routines and many moves and ideas, as well as a lifetime of experience mastering the Miser’s Dream. If you are going to do magic, then by all means the Miser’s Dream should be in your act. After all, if you were a real magician, you would be producing money from left and right and that’s what Gary shares with you.

David Stone, one of Europe’s most fertile minds in magic, shares with the members of the IMS a complete walk-around rope act, which can be performed in restaurants and any other close-up or cabaret situation.

Over the course of three volumes, Rocco teaches you some of the most original and clever tricks. Let me describe just a few of them. Rocco pours water into his empty hand and the water becomes ice cubes. He takes coffee beans and turns it into a cup of coffee. He turns wine into grapes, turns olive oil into olives, grated powder cheese into a solid block of cheese, all in his bare hands. In short, if there was a real magician, he’ll be doing what Rocco teaches you. Rocco’s three volumes alone are worth the price of the entire Masters Series. Rocco can be best described by some magic’s greatest masters who spoke very highly of Rocco. When Harry Blackstone Jr. was interviewed on television and asked about magic, Blackstone said “Rocco is the epitome of magic.” In a video interview, Dai Vernon said “Rocco is one of the most clever magicians living today.”

John Caluwaert is the only restaurant magician we know that has a three-year contract to perform at a Hilton hotel in Chicago. John Caluwaert is an experienced and seasoned restaurant magician, who shares with you some of the most clever close-up magic from his restaurant act. You will actually see John perform these tricks in a restaurant. Then he teaches you each trick.

Frank Zak is a professional bar magician. He’s been working in Las Vegas bars for the last two years. Because of the nature of bar magic, the tricks have to be quick and punchy. Frank Zak has selected the best suitable tricks that can be performed for bars and close-up. Throughout the years, he refined and perfected the routines. Here he shares with you all of these tricks that he performs in bars night after night.

Paul Draper is one of the finest mentalists working in Las Vegas today. He shares with you some of the most effective and commercial mental routines, including the real work on spoon and fork bending. Let me describe just one of his miracles. On a flat table, he lays out a whole bunch of different face-up ESP cards. From a face-down ESP deck, he deals cards onto each face-up ESP card, all the while the spectator tells him whether the symbols are the same or not. To everyone’s surprise, every card the spectator says does not match actually does not match and every card the spectator says matches actually does match! This is the most powerful effect I’ve ever seen with ESP cards. I immediately added this effect into my own repertoire. In short, with the material Paul Draper shares in the Master Series, his audiences walk away believing they’ve witnessed real mental phenomenon.

Alan Ackerman’s volumes 26 and 27 teach you killer card and coin tricks! 

Billy Robinson’s volumes 31, 32, and 33 teaches canes, candles, silks, and linking rings!  These classics of magic are taught with fine details and very original ideas!

David Martin’s volumes 36 and 37 are jammed packed with gems!  His bare hand goldfish production is the best we’ve ever seen! 

Jean Pierre’s volume 28 is packed with excellent magic with coins, cards, and thimbles! 

Jeff Hobson’s volumes 29 and 30 are about total professionalism and strong and practical magic!

Devlin’s volumes 47 and 48 are visually poetic and extremely original strong magic!

Rocco won FISM for the most original.  On volumes 49 and 50, he outdid himself! 

Sonny Fontana is another FISM winner who teaches on volumes 34 and 35 original tricks and ideas from his FISM act

Masters Series DVD Disk 1:
Volume 1: The Magic of Kevin James 1
Volume 2: The Magic of Kevin James 2
Volume 3: Ultra Card Magic, by Lennart Green
Volume 4: Photo Magic, by Paul Gertner
Volume 5: Card Stuff, by Bill Malone
Masters Series DVD Disk 6:
Volume 26: Advanced Card Magic 1, by Alan Ackerman
Volume 27: Advanced Card Magic 2, by Alan Ackerman
Volume 28: Advanced Manipulations, by Jean Pierre
Volume 29: The Magic of Jeff Hobson 1
Volume 30: The Magic of Jeff Hobson 2
Masters Series DVD Disk 2:
Volume 6: The Magic of James Dimmare 1
Volume 7: The Magic of James Dimmare 2
Volume 8: The Magic of Kozak 1
Volume 9: The Magic of Kozak 2
Volume 10: Paul Wilson's Close-Up Magic
Masters Series DVD Disk 7:
Volume 31: Cane & Candle Magic, by Billy Robinson
Volume 32: Silk Magic, by Billy Robinson
Volume 33: Linking Ring Magic, by Billy Robinson
Volume 34: The Magic of Sonny Fontana 1
Volume 35: The Magic of Sonny Fontana 2
Masters Series DVD Disk 3:
Volume 11: Incredible Card Magic 1, by Harry Lorayne
Volume 12: Incredible Card Magic 2, by Harry Lorayne
Volume 13: Incredible Card Magic 3, by Harry Lorayne
Volume 14: Complete Miser's Dream 1, by Gary Darwin
Volume 15: Complete Miser's Dream 2, by Gary Darwin
Masters Series DVD Disk 8:
Volume 36: The Magic of David Martin 1
Volume 37: The Magic of David Martin 2
Volume 38: The Magic of Dan Rodriguez
Volume 39: Professional Mentalism, by Gary Dreifus
Volume 40: Doves & Stage Magic, by Victor & Diamond
Masters Series DVD Disk 4:
Volume 16: Walk-Around Magic, by David Stone
Volume 17: Most Clever Magic 1, by Rocco
Volume 18: Most Clever Magic 2, by Rocco
Volume 19: Most Clever Magic 3, by Rocco
Volume 20: More Restaurant Magic 1, by John Caluwaert
Masters Series DVD Disk 9:
Volume 41: The Magic of Greg Gleason 1
Volume 42: The Magic of Greg Gleason 2
Volume 43: The Magic of Steve Dacri 1
Volume 44: The Magic of Steve Dacri 2
Volume 45: The Magic of Steve Dacri 3
Masters Series DVD Disk 5:
Volume 21: More Restaurant Magic 2, by John Caluwaert
Volume 22: Bar Magic 1, by Frank Zak
Volume 23: Bar Magic 2, by Frank Zak
Volume 24: Master Mentalism 1, by Paul Draper
Volume 25: Master Mentalism 2, by Paul Draper
Masters Series DVD Disk 10:
Volume 46: The Magic of Fielding West
Volume 47: The Magic of Devlin 1
Volume 48: The Magic of Devlin 2
Volume 49: Most Clever Magic 4, by Rocco
Volume 50: Most Clever Magic 5, by Rocco