2017 One Dollar Mystery by Chris Funk

2017 One Dollar Mystery by Chris Funk

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One Dollar Mystery by Chris Funk

A bulletproof prediction you can drop right into your show. 

Powerful, fooling and hugely entertaining. The reactions from this complete routine from Chris Funk are priceless. 

You start by posing a challenge. If your participant is not impressed they win a dollar bill. The dollar bill is placed in full view and it never leaves their site. Three questions are asked and you reveal that you predict the answers on the dollar bill.

This is the ultimate real time prediction effect. A full hilarious script is included and Chris goes over everything you need to make this play big for any size audience. The method is simple, convincing and uses a really clever gimmick that you can carry anywhere.

Dollar Mystery is a worker with an extremely practical method, tons of comedy and an amazing final reveal. You will use this. 

* Ink on prediction is a different color than marker you're using.
* Prediction is in full view
* No suspicious movements
* No Assistant Needed.
* No Double Writing.
* Packs Flat.
* Easy To Do.
* Perform Anywhere.
* Predict Anything.