Paul Vigil - Classic Fantastic

Paul Vigil - Classic Fantastic

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Paul Vigil - Classic Fantastic

This is an EXTREMELY beautiful new book by Paul Vigil. He is keeping the book to himself for lectures, but has agreed to give just 24 books to Vanishing Inc. Magic for resale. They are priced exclusively to protect the secrets. The routines described are knockouts, and Paul wants to keep them for only the most serious students. Here is what Magic Castle legend Howard Hamburg had to say about Classic Fantastic:

I have been going through your material in detail and find your book to be the one of the best reads I ever had seen in all my years. Your attention to detail is something to behold. Your thought process is incredible. I have not finished it because I find myself re-reading prior information in order to better grasp those moments of discovery I find lurking page after page. For years I have mentioned that almost all the magicians that I have known still don't get it. You, my friend, fully get it. Howard Hamburg

Paul details four of his most acclaimed routines for the first time ever. He details his endless chain routine, which incorporates all the finest moments and presentational angles from past masters, with new developments. Then he takes on an unusual T.A. Waters routine by completely renovating the method. In the routine, you reveal the audiences choices via a prediction PINNED TO THE BACK OF YOUR JACKET. Cool premise, right?

Then it's on to Paul's amped up version of a terrific Simon Aronson effect...but for us the centerpiece of this fine collection is a detailed examination of Paul's signature multiple selection routine. He spends pages discussing the theory of his version, the impact he achieves, why he has designed the routine as he has, and more. Then you get a play by play of the fantastic control he uses, and each revelation in the order he performs it.

Classic Fantastic has touches by Jason England, Jimmy Grippo, Jared Kopf and others. It's a beautiful book. This is probably NOT the book for you if you're unfamiliar with close-up technique. But if you have a working knowledge and want to read an advanced, beautifully written magic book in which the author has held back NOTHING on his bread-and-butter routines, Classic Fantastic might be the best magic book you've ever read. We mean that.