Di.Versity by Di.Cardistry

Di.Versity by Di.Cardistry

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Di.Versity by Di.Cardistry

Featuring moves by Duy, Cardist of the year 2016.

Without a doubt, Cardistry is the fastest growing art form, and it's clear to see why. Performing cardistry makes you look like a BOSS with a deck of cards.

Enter Di.Cardistry, a group of the world's best cardists from Vietnam, known for their incredible style & original creations.

Di.Versity is a collection of 4 unique flourishes
. Pushing what's possible with a deck of cards to the very limit.

You'll learn:

- Tuga Grab
- Hamdrop
- Necrom
- & Mocking God (Arguably one of the best moves ever created)

With in-depth instruction, you'll follow each flourish step-by-step until your fingers get a mind of their own.

Skip from good, straight to bad-ass.

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Skill level = Intermediate/Advanced (Not for novices.)