Revealing Mentalism by Chris Rawlins – Lesson 1 and 2 (Videos Download)

Revealing Mentalism by Chris Rawlins – Lesson 1 and 2 (Videos Download)



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Chris Rawlins – Revealing Mentalism – Lesson 1 and 2

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Revealing Mentalism Chris Rawlins 11 12th Oct 2017

Two Day Course (11th and 12th October 2017)  “Chris Rawlins has a rarely seen authenticity and realism, an important contributor to our art” – Joe Barry



“Chris is the real deal. Original presentations that will grab your audiences and not let go. Highly recommended.” 
– Bob Cassidy 

“Chris is a creative, original thinker and a truly great performer, his skills and talents mesmerized me. I highly recommend you all to see him in action.” 
– Uri Geller 

“I’m a fan of Chris Rawlins. He knows how to create amazement and he will inspire you to do the same!” 
– Marc Paul 

“Do you want to be a [better] Mentalist?

Do you want to learn contemporary, professional grade performance ready material?

Do you want to learn the details, subtleties and theory from a modern professional?

Are you tired of learning ‘a bunch of tricks?

ThenRevealing Mentalism is for you!

Revealing Mentalism is a two part, fully interactive course tutored by professional Mentalist Christopher Rawlins. This course will make you a better Mentalist. *

Throughout this two part course you will be taught the real secrets to performing a drawing duplication properly and effectively. Not only will you learn multiple methods and approaches to this classic plot, you will also be taught and have the opportunity to discuss the details that make this classic plot a modern miracle. For the first time Chris will teach, in detail how he performs the drawing duplication every time he works for real audiences.

Chris will teach six methodological approaches to the drawing duplication throughout the course, leaving no detail unexplored. Including approaches for the stage, parlour, casual and one on one performance environments. Approaches that allow you to duplicate drawn images over FaceTime / Skype and use everyday objects (like your ordinary billfold wallet) blank billets and envelopes.

To complement the in depth exploration of the drawing duplication, Chris will also be teaching a handful of his favourite creations to date. You will learn how to reveal thought of names, unspoken thoughts, and how to apply these methods and routines in real working environments effectively.

Chris will be sharing routines and approaches that he has not shared anywhere before throughout this course. This is a fully interactive course, allowing the opportunity for open discussions and questions in real time. Nothing will be held back, all questions answered.

The best part is, this methods are within everybody’s reach! Nothing in this course is difficult to execute in the real world, allowing you to focus on the important presentational details taught.

*If you apply everything taught throughout the course.


Day One – Drawing Duplication

– Opening discussion and welcome

-REVEAL – You’ll see Chris perform and teach his pet method for secretly acquiring a thought of image for parlour and stage. You’ll also be shown how you can make your own gimmick for less than £5.

– REVEAL REVISITED – For the first time on camera Chris will demonstrate and teach you REVEAL REVISITED, his updated expansion of REVEAL that incorporates a locking system and larger board.

– REVEAL Routine – Chris will talk about how he performs REVEAL for real world audiences, covering all the touches and details that make it look like you know so much more than one drawn image. – till now Chris has kept this a closely guarded secret

– Use Your Own Wallet – Learn how to use your normal billfold wallet and a single billet to duplicate a drawing, no gimmicks, no gaffs. This is a very valuable tool to have in your toolbox.

– One for One – Chris will perform and explain his handling of a Bob Cassidy concept, perfect for one on one situations. You duplicate a drawing with test conditions. Chris has never tipped this before.

– I.D.D – Chris will perform and teach his offbeat approach to the drawing duplication. You’ll learn everything you need to be able to duplicate a thought of drawing over FaceTime/ Skype and Chris will also share some extra approaches and touches from himself and others that till now he has kept to himself.

– 3 Spectators, 1 Drawing – Learn Chris’ simple and effective three person, one drawing duplication that involves everyone with a kicker finish! Chris uses this at private parties ALL the time! This has never been shared before!

  • How I Reveal Drawings – Here Chris will discuss some simple guidelines that he prefers to use whenever duplicating an image regardless of the methods used.
  • Closing discussion, all questions answered.

Day Two – Useful Knowledge & Complete Performance Pieces 

– Opening discussion – Walk around Mentalism – What works best?

Card Thoughts

–  Safety Net – Chris will teach something so simple, but worth knowing that will save you from those nightmare working environments you may find yourself in as a professional performer.

– Revealing an unspoken thought – Performed and Explained, Chris’s approach to something we all know and use that allows you to reveal an unspoken thought. This is something Chris has been working with for many years.

Jokers In The Box – an addition to the same tool we all know and use.

Performance Pieces

  • PSEUDO – A three phase memory demonstration that requires no actual memory!
  • ALSO – Chris will tip his handling that turns compelling table piece into a memory demonstration for the stage.

-Flutter – You’ll learn Chris favourite way to reveal a thought of name in casual situations. This not only involves the spectator on a personal level, it allows them to create and experience something amazing for themselves.

– Scary Movie Extended – A modular three phase mind reading routine that Chris has been using formally for many years. Perform each phase alone or together to create a true experience of mind reading.

– SURPRISE- Chris will share one more piece from his repertoire, that for now will remain a mystery.