Isolation by Michael Murray (official eBook + Video full version)

Isolation by Michael Murray (official eBook + Video full version)

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ISOLATION BY MICHAEL MURRAY (official pdf version + Self Test PDF + props scanned + all bonus videos HD)


*This product is designed for an English speaking audience. Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish variants are planned for the future.

“Isolation has done with cards what Train Tracking did with words.” – Atlas Brookings

“Michael, you are truly a GENIUS. This is incredibly good in every way, shape, and form. Thank you for pouring your heart and sole into the project. I promise your effort has paid off. This is the Bible of “The Thought of Card” – Madison Adams Hagler

“I think he is talking ******** and there is no method he can just BLOODY READ MINDS” – Mike Donoghue

“Michael performed this for me over the phone earlier in the week and he nailed my thought of card twice in a row. The process was fast, engaging and mysterious. I really enjoyed it.” – Séamus Maguire

“I have had an amazing night. Michael performed Isolation and somehow he told me the card I was thinking of.  This is the best thing I’ve ever seen and I didn’t see anything because the cards only existed in my mind. I’ve seen a lot of good stuff but this is mind blowing.” – Joel Dickinson

“The thinking behind this is absolutely sublime.” – Mark Chandaue

“The better you get at performing Isolation, the more skilled you will be as a mentalist. If I were going to teach prop-less mentalism, I would use this as a workbook.” – Red Devil

“Isolation is a complete full system that you can open up and explore all the myriad of ideas, techniques, ploys, and more, and carve your own pathway into divining a thought of card, and once you have settled on a pathway, all roads lead to the same place: Success!”  – Alex Alejandro

“I’m blown away by what I’ve read in here.” – Jacob Smith



Isolation is far more than a singular routine, instead it is an entire collection of thoughts, techniques and principles which will allow you to identify a card that someone is merely thinking of.  Best of all the systems taught within this book are entirely modular and can be customised and tailored to suit the performer.

Whilst many performers marvelled over my CUP’s technique (which allows you to discern which word, or group of words someone may be focusing on) the principles outlined within this book take this to the next level, allowing us to identify up to sixteen different pieces of information just by having a spectator visualise it in their mind. Isabella Star 3 owners will certainly be able to put these techniques to great use!


Each of the Isolation systems contained within this book can be performed entirely prop-less allowing you to reveal the name of a thought of card in person, via Skype or even over a telephone call.  However, just because something can be performed entirely prop-less (i.e using nothing more than words) doesn’t mean that you have to perform it that way.  For this reason I have also included several suggestions for those who wish to make use of a physical deck alongside the Isolation system.

An extract from a private message I received out of the blue regarding Isolation –

“Hi mate, hope your well. I have just been video chatting with a mutual friend Mick Wilson, he just performed your upcoming effect isolation on me…well I’m not sure where to start, it absolutely blew me away. I have had lots of mind reading effects done on me over video chat but this one literally took my breath away, it seemed so clean and fair that I had nowhere to go or back track. If it can have this effect on someone who’s not even in the same room I can’t imagine how a spectator will feel when it’s performed face to face. You have come up with something that seems so fair and actually feels like real mind reading. Sir you are a genius. I will definitely be wanting a copy of this when it’s released. Well done mate and I wish you the best of luck with this project, actually your not going to need any luck at all with this because you have got an absolute winner waiting to be unleashed.”