Alakazam Online Magic Academy - Hard Hitters by Daniel Chard (Video Download)

Alakazam Online Magic Academy - Hard Hitters by Daniel Chard (Video Download)



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Alakazam Online Magic Academy Hard Hitters By Daniel Chard Instant Download

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Hard hitters is a live lecture experience where nothing is held back.


You will learn a selection of Daniels strongest effects for close up and stage. Everything in the course is very achievable and hard hitting.

From playing cards to mentalism, there is something for everyone on this project. 


Chard under box 2.0 - You’ll learn the new handling of Daniel’s card under box routine. Each phase taught in depth and new moves.


In The Frame: A hit from Daniels stage show. The spectator thinks of a film, you show the incorrect prediction and visually change it to the correct one . Extremely visual, can play to very large crowds and instantly resets.


Dreamweaver- visually cause all of the pips to fall from the deck. Leaving every card blank except the signed selection.


Magic against humanity: A commercial do as I do effect. Involving matching jokes and punch lines. This can be on stage or up close.


Kickback bonanza: A visual sandwich routine with a killer kickback finish. Various handlings discussed.


Goals- A mentalist piece that can be done on stage or close up. You divine a goal each spectator is thinking of. Lots of opportunity to put your cold reading to good use.


iPhone 11 - A novel and visual pin reveal.


And many many more!




Orion count- blank card version and jokers to aces


Paul le Paul’s Fan control


Chad long one handed control


Chard double peak control and slip cut variants.


Scoop change


Jay Ose Cut