How To Make 6 Figures In Magic (Part 4) by Scott Tokar (Video Download)

How To Make 6 Figures In Magic (Part 4) by Scott Tokar (Video Download)



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How to Make 6 Figures Lecture Part 4 By Scott Tokar

MP4 video download

I was in the audience when a portion of this was filmed in Hollywood… just in listening to Scott’s portion, I already have made more this month than I did when I was a full time Engineer. Scott really shows how to make a TRUE business out of Magic.



We’ve broken down Scott Tokar’s Hollywood lecture into four affordable sections. Giving you the opportunity to try before you buy, as you take your career to the next level.

Six Figures- Part 4 is a crash course in marketing 101, a crucial part in building your brand. You will learn:

• General practitioner
• Creating your own market
• Marketing 101
• Your storefront
• Your logo
• The corporate look
• Your URL
• Business cards
• Web pages
• Conversions
• Search engines
• In person promotion
• Your email voice
• Email marketing
• Snail mail marketing
• Outboard phone marketing
• Exposure
• YouTube Marketing
• Social media marketing
• Secondary web presence
• Encouragement
• Blogging
• Yellow pages
• Traditional advertising
• News and announcements
• Publicity stunts
• Dress the part
• Needs and wants
• Leaving your client hungry
• Environmental sensitivity
• Growing your business
• Organizations and associations
• Music
• Being self sufficient
• Your phone voice

Part 4 finishes off strong with some of the most crucial information about getting your name out there, and how to build a following. Learn these vital secrets now!


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