Smooth Z by Zee and SansMinds (Video Download)

Smooth Z by Zee and SansMinds (Video Download)



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Smooth Z by Zee and SansMinds

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Zee once whispered, “I believe ‘finnesse’ and ‘purpose’ is going to be the new keyword for magic from now on.”

If you have checked out Zee’s previous works, such as Project Z, Classic Pass Z, and even HTDCM, then you should have noticed his work is all about refining existing sleights or developing sleights for specific purposes.

In Smooth Z, you will be able to learn about Zee’s touches and philosophies about card magic and card sleights.

Not only that, but Zee is also sharing his go-to card effects that are definitely going to become your go-to effects instantly!

Every single sleight and effect is created with the purpose of being used in real life while creating the most direct and powerful impacts in casual situations.

What you will learn:


Cover Pass

Ego Control

Logic Shuffle

Fat Shuffle

Double Rift


Quick Arse

Marlonie Change

Uncle Triumph

Fat Triumph

Luh Transpo

Butterfly Cheeseburger


If you thought these sleights and effects look great in the trailer, then what are you waiting for?

Get it now and get to work!

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