Andrus Card Control 6 by Jerry Andrus (Video Download)

Andrus Card Control 6 by Jerry Andrus (Video Download)



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Andrus Card Control 6 by Jerry Andrus Taught by John Redmon

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Vol 6 of Andrus Card Control teaches the Ginza Shift for controlling multiple cards to the top, bottom or into a palm position. In the words of Jerry Andrus himself, "This is one of the most potent moves I created." Additionally, you will learn how to sleeve from one to four cards with the Ginza Shift. John will also teach techniques for palming a card directly from an insertion; how to create a double on top of the deck from a card insertion, and a powerful reversal technique for a selected card. He will then teach four of Jerry's techniques for sleeving one to four cards from the insertion into the deck. Finally, John will show some different ways you can combine or execute some of the moves you have already learned in this series. 

Ginza Shift 
Ginza Shift to Card Case 
Sleeving with the Ginza Shift 
Side Delivery Palm 
Side Delivery Turn Over 
Side Delivery Double 
Sleeving from the Deck 
Snap Sleeving 
Right Little Finger Sleeving 
Sleeving with a Handkerchief 
Renaissance Moves (Applications for combining Jerry's moves) 

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