John Carey - Forsaken (MP4 Video Download)

John Carey - Forsaken (MP4 Video Download)



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Forsaken By John Carey Instant Download

Forsaken is a beautifully simple but strong approach to the ever popular card at any number plot, inspired by a great John Bannon Trick. A deck is shuffled and a card is freely selected with the cards in your spectators hands. The deck is tabled and a change purse given to your spectator to keep in their pocket from the very beginning is removed and a variety of pocket change is taken out. The total of the Coins is counted and that number of cards is dealt down to the table, but the card at that number isn’t the selection! The spectator is asked to check their pocket where they discover 1 extra coin. That value is dealt and counted and the selection is miraculously revealed!

Can be done with a borrowed deck, self working and super strong and practical. This is Forsaken…