Bill Montana - The Bridge

Bill Montana - The Bridge

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Bill Montana - The Bridge

Stevens Magic Emporiumis pleased to be the exclusive “distributor” other then Bill Montana himself, to offer this truly amazing book. Please note:This book isnotfor everyone – it it intended only for the serious performer. But when applied – the results are incredible.

The Bridge (withNick Belleas) – was an interesting find for me personally. It took a little work and practice but I became a believer when I tried it on our mail man Jace Bowles! Granted it was my second attempt at performing this and when Jace bolted in the door the next day he shot straight to me to vividly retail not only the dream I told him he would have – but also his wife also experienced – with subtle differences.

The best way to provide product details is to read what Thomas Heine wrote about this project. For more testimoinals see below.

Below is a review from:Thomas Heine – Berlin Germany ( – ParaLabs – )

Recently I had the honor to study Bill’s latest work “The Bridge.”And even though this script never will be available openly I have the permission to give some information and impressions regarding this work.

“The Bridge” deals with a subject that is as mental as can be: Put in a nutshell it is all about inducing a dream.

But this abridgment neglects the beauty of the effect as well as the emotional impact and the psychological subtleties that work together producing an impression that will be uppermost in the client’s mind for sure.

I had the opportunity to test “The Bridge” sequence several times – and the impact is gorgeous.Regardless of your subject being a believer by tendency or more a skeptic/disbeliever: The process works!

A participant following Bill’s instructions will have a special dream induced – and you have the ability to give this induced dream a meaning beforehand.

Imagine yourself being able to prophesy someone’s dreams (in fact inducing them) and imagine the deeply and lasting imprint you produce by this in your participants mind!

An imprint of the dream content as well as an imprint of yourself, … That said it should be clear that “The Bridge” is not only a further strong effect a performer may have in his repertoire. It is a weapon that should be used with care and a sense of responsibility. Using this technique you can supply a gift – but used in the wrong way the gift can be a burden as well.

Apart from this it should be clear that this is not an effect that gives you applause and/or appreciation in the very moment you precede the described sequence.

You announce something that will occur – and assuming that the client follows your implementations the core effect (the dream) will appear the next night while he/she is asleep.

So you will get any kind of feedback not in the situation you precede “The Bridge” – if you’ll get it you’ll get it the next day.This is enough by far to produce a massive reputation and – as I said – a deep imprint in your participants mind!

Bill’s script is very explicit and detailed regarding historical aspects of dreams and their meanings as well as for the psychological aspects that make the effect work.

The metaphor he uses to be induced in the participants dream is wonderful and the claimed “ritual” works perfectly on several layers.

I cannot go in further details of his work without giving away his techniques; but I’m very proud to be honored with the possibility to attend Bill in the evolution of his script.Although this wonderful piece of work will not match everybody (and not everybody will be able to get it) I highly recommend it.

Whether you use “The Bridge” as described or “just” learn from the idea, techniques and psychological cause and effect nexuses: It is a more than valuable work.

Thomas Heine
- ParaLabs – Berlin Germany

“If you want to create a new religion, you can use this wonderful tool.This marvelous discovery and knowledge will give you an amazing reputation that goes above any demonstration that you can perform.”-Pablo Amira

“This is probably the strongest possible thing you can do!”-Jay Are”

The miracles made possible through “The Bridge” are simply marvelous!”Last year Michael Weber lectured to a group of mentalists on the importance of EXTENDING the experience and effects of our magic and interactions with people, both volunteers/participants and the audience as a whole.

“With “The Bridge” miracle workers everywhere have finally been given a really nice tool to do this. It allows us to affect and include ourselves in a person’s most intimate and private thoughts…their dreams!”“Seriously, what could be stronger?”

“This is one of those rare gems that I consider truly miraculous in nature (think about it, it’s just AMAZING!) and REAL MAGIC. The options one has by including Bill Montana’s “The Bridge” in their mystery work and a performance is astounding and I think we’ve only just scratched the surface of what’s possible.”-Jerome Finley

The (psychological) Idea behind “the Bridge” is one of the weird I ever read.You can use any kind of metaphor to create the effect/ sequence of the bridge.I have done this several times during my main job with some customers and the feedback has always been amazing….

I have to recommend Bills work to everybody who are interested in pure hardcore mentalism!Like Jerome wrote: the Bridge is a real gift to demonstrate real mentalism!-Rainer Mees -Para Labs

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