New York Coin Magic Seminar Volume 15: Methods, Performances, and Presentations

New York Coin Magic Seminar Volume 15: Methods, Performances, and Presentations

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New York Coin Seminar Volume 15: Methods, Performances, and Presentations

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The New York Coin guys, David ROTH, Dr. Michael RUBINSTEIN, and Mike GALLO, are back with a vengeance, with their latest set of DVD's!! Volumes, 14, 15, and 16, subtitledMethods, Performances, and Presentations, each contain 2 hours of the same, hard hitting, cutting edge coin magic, that have defined their prior offerings. Joining them in this venture are special guests Bob Fitch, Doug Brewer, and Jean Emmanuel Franzis, with contributions from Dan Watkins, Bill Citino, and guest host, Marc DeSouza.

Volume 15 picks up where Volume 14 leaves off, jam packed withseventeenincredible coin routines! Dr. Michael Rubinstein'sVoodoo Revelationstarts off as a card trick, but the voodoo coins steal the show!Copper Silver Brass Coins Across, uses three different ungaffed coins, with the last coin appearing in the spectator's hand.Matchbox Treasury Reduxis an update of a routine that appeared on the cover of Apocalypse over 20 years ago.

Mike Gallo performs and explainsPsychological Coins To Glass, and hisKing Midasis a triple wild coin routine with a "golden" ending. WithOil and Water, Gallo adapts the classic card plot to coins. David Roth shows how to produce coins from a hankerchief and two seemingly empty hands. Doug Brewer uses the coin cup for two powerful routines,The Red Planet, andThe Magic Cauldron. Dan Watkins offers an updated handling of hisPenetrating Okito and Beyond. Rounding ot the section are two more offerings from Jean Emmanuel Franzis, and a classic effect of Bob Fitch,the Wallet, the Coin, and the Spectator.

The bonus section is loaded with material from the last coin seminar. Bob Fitch performs one of his signature routines,The Bag. Dr. Michael Rubinstein teaches some more useful coin moves, and Mike Gallo adds FOUR more routines to finish this section.