Jerome Finley - Guerilla Q&A

Jerome Finley - Guerilla Q&A

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Jerome Finley - Guerilla Q&A


It is with great pleasure that I write this review of Jerome Finley's work, 'Guerrilla Q&A'.

I will try to cover as much of the outstanding content as I possibly can, but beware what you find may only start you drooling for more. As much as I would like to accomadate you, I will forever remain "tight lipped" about the hardcore content within. And ohhhh, what a great work it is.

I will try to be as organized as possible with the review. Here are the items covered:

1. Book quality/layout/Buying information
2. Content by section
3. My personal thoughts
4. Conclusion/Rating

1. Book Quality, Layout, Buying Info

The manuscript is pretty well put together, spiral bound, 8 1/2 x 11 (ditto page size), and has a nice plastic cover sheet protecting the "cogs" and "mechanisms" photo used as a background for the title. It has a nice large font for ease of reading, perhaps 14 or 16, and is word processed on heavy bond paper. It contains 156 pages of text, and on the inside cover is Jerome's signature and the year 08'. This page total includes the Sources/References, as well as the "Thanks" and "Credits" pages at the end. The only problem I have with this layout is that there are NO PAGE NUMBERS, which I did not like.

The manuscript can be purchased directly through Jerome's web site. Navigate to the Inner Thoughts section of this forum, and Jerome's Ad Banner can be found on the top right of the page. If you are at all serious about obtaining this material, please know that entering this section requires 50 plus posts, and a $399.00 payment for the manuscript. It is a limited edition item, 50 physical units total. Note also, that the site is password protected.

2. Content By Section

Introduction, Opening Words from the Author
The manuscipt opens with seven pages devoted to an Introduction by John Riggs (he sounds familiar!), and opening words from the Author.

The Methods
Three methods (main sections of the book) are discussed in depth.

'Method 1' deals with having questions written down, collected, and then openly read by the Psychic. He then goes on to produce entertaining answers.

'Method 2' deals with having people raise their hands, psychic taking his/her pick of questions (not written), and has the spectator ask his/her question. He goes on to answer with mindblowing answers.

'Method 3' deals with Jerome's 'Free Range Q&A'. Audience members only THINK of their questions, and psychic receives these thoughts, and goes on to give detailed answers! WOW!

You may already be thinking of something that Jerome has already (just before this section) addressed based on the above "Method Sections". What about the part where you secretly glimpse/peek/steal/switch/etc. to get what is written down? The simple answer, in Jerome's experience, is YOU DON'T NEED TO!!! That's right, over hundreds of performances, he has found no further impact than if you just ask the spectator's their questions outright! Spectators want ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS, they don't care how you got the questions, PERIOD!

'Method 1' Written Messages: Open Faced Q&A
With index cards, Pencils, and a collection basket/bowl/etc you are off to the races. Each person is instructed to provide certain items on the card, and hand it in. (If you want the specifics, buy this!)

Devious Ploys Section (following 'Method 1')
There are some oustanding pieces of kit here. a number of brilliant techniques, systems, ploys, fakes, etc. are offered to enhance the 'Method 1' act. Included here are example uses of each ploy/technique with sample scripts! Great stuff! Multiple systems, one ahead, blinfold, marked cards, and business cards are covered.

'Method 2' Direct Questions & Answers
Ultra direct method getting the same results as the written question act, but forgoes the pencils/papers, saves time, and allows performer time to answer more questions. Here Jerome covers using this method of Q&A adding numerology, and the zodiac signs.

Let's Dance Putting It All Together
Once a person is selected to have a reading done, Jerome outlines the main things he uses to create the content within. Included here is numerology, Zodiac, power animal, main areas of interest, tarot readings, etc.

'Method 3' Free Range Q&A
Answering thought of questions and handling 'open readings'. Jerome's personal favorite, and the most jazzy method of the three. This entails a modernized look at 'Dynamite Mentalism' with and edge.

The All Important Script & Set-Up
Here Jerome sets up his act with opeing words (great advice here) as well as a full script showing how to have everyone on the edge of their seats throughout the show...even if they never get chosen. Gold advice here, gold!

A technique to help make your performance feel REAL. This will cause some of your spectators to actually believe they have experienced a wide variety of phenomena!! You have to try it to believe it, and Jerome has done it!

Some Things You Should Know
A section explaining a mnemonic covering 99 percent of all questions asked during readings. This is what you would expect, but with an added streamling by Jerome to simplify matters.

Dynamite Mentalism Techniques
If you own Dynamite Mentalism, you know what this section includes. Details about every age group's inner thoughts are covered. A great reference for this material, with updated info, is given here. I'll leave this reference a mystery, and use it myself!!!! Drool on!

Devious Ploy
This section gives absolutely GOLDEN tips on heightening question answering techniques. Additions are given by Bob Cassidy, Alain Nu, Ted Karmilovich, and Paolo Cavalli! High impact additions to your act.

Sensational Questions and Fake Answers
A great piece of business, and a staple in any Q&A act. This sections outlines 7 awesome sensational bits of business you can plant within your ligitimate questions!

How Not To Give Advice
11 'fears' are touching on any of them and adding them to a reading, you will always be right! More great additions to make your readings have variety!

Show Outline And Structure
Jerome actually gives you an outline of how his show is structured! This is to give you ideas as to how you can set up your own Q&A act.

Free Association Readings
This section covers how to use different systems, and avoid 'canned' readings. Cards, Numerology, Zodiac, Colors, 7 Chakra meanings, Animals, and the Elements are discussed.

Common Names
A section devoted to how you can expand on a spectators name, and create additional reading material, and hit on other names familiar to the sitter. Excellent ideas here, something I had never thought of.

The 'RWR' System
Another idea using peoples names to generate numerous different names of people who may bear some connection to them. There are 2 or 3 really good book recommendations here to look into.

Projective Dopplerganger
An idea from Alain Nu that I will not even talk about. Excellent technique to obtain intimate reading details...nuff said.

The Seven Qualities
Jerome looks for 7 qualities that help him select the most receptive spectators for readings. A clever technique, one that I can't really describe without giving it away.

Always On My Mind
A piece that appeard in 'Random Acts of Kindness'. These are simple things we can do to lock ourselves forever in the minds and memories of another person!

The Three Major Systems I Recommend
Three published works are referenced here for use with the Q&A act...Jerome's 'Thought Dial' being one of them. The rest...well, find them yourself!!!!

Reading Primer
A 'canned' type basic script that is offered only to get you started with your readings. Jerome admits here that he feels many of these scripts are harder to learn than other systems taught here, and I wholeheartedly agree.

Hurling the Headlines
Predicting major events to happen in the future

Some Guidelines For Predictions
What and how to give predictions, allowing for error or re-interpretation.

Short Q&A
Discussions about strolling readings and Jerome's routine structure for it. I like this idea alot!

3. My personal thoughts

I can honestly say that this is the most complete treatise on the propless Q&A act you will ever find. It contains more tips, hints, subtleties, and dodges than you could get through in a lifetime of study. Each and every section of this manuscript offers thought provoking, brilliant pieces of information.

This amount of hype may seem over the top, but it reminds me of something you should be warned of. Don't purchase this manuscript if you think that reading it is the end of your path to greatness, regardless of the hard work you put in to it. There are many, many text that are made reference to within. You have been forwarned!

4. Conclusion & Rating

I leave it in your hands to decide if this work is right for you. For me, there is no turning back. I feel like this is the best money I have ever invested in a magic item, period! Q&A is the holy grail of mentalism (sorry for using that cliche), and this work contains a very precise recipe to cook, roast, saute, grill, poach, and bake the perfect vision of that effect.

I look forward to future releases from Jerome...and I know you do as well. I know I won't make the mistake of missing out on one of his releases again.

Never again...

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