Kenton Knepper - Weird Enough

Kenton Knepper - Weird Enough

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Kenton Knepper - Weird Enough

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This work contains six of Kenton's most unusual effects and methods. Previously unreleased except to a private few, these concepts will challenge you.

Far from the "ordinary" this manuscript details:

* How to find a card by "channeling" a spectator.
* Perform a routine in which words and scent are the actual method.
* Make vanished coins or charms reappear inside a lit candle.
* And much more, of course, including further effects and presentations, more extended and diverse applications, and new gut-level essays.

It is little wonder that many have awaited Kenton's release of this "Weerd" material. Now these often startling effects and strange but magical methods can be YOURS.

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