Luke Jermay: Some Things (Part One)

Luke Jermay: Some Things (Part One)

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Some Things by Luke Jermay Part 1

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Luke Jermay has been called one of the most revolutionary thinkers of his generation. His theories and concepts are used the world over, his techniques have found their way into the repertoires of thousands of performers around the world, countless TV specials (Derren Brown, Dynamo, Criss Angel and more!) have utilised his work and now finally, Luke is letting you into the real work.

In this audio visual seminar, (the first of three installments) Luke presents his 'rules' and guidelines for the performance of magic, mentalism and the mystery arts.

Accompanied by a sequence of slides, Luke covers how to be memorable and impactful as a performer, how to construct a successful and applicable show, and much more.

Some of what you will learn are hard truths, some are different angles on theories that you may have considered in the past.

Each guideline is treated as a chapter in this audiobook. Each guideline is clear and concise. Each guideline is a unique look into the mind and obsessions of one of the most amazing performers that is working today.

eMentalism presents Luke Jermay's "Some Things." A collection of thoughts, laced with useful metaphors and constructive exercises.

Voice file 39 mins


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