Helix by Tom Elderfield

Helix by Tom Elderfield

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Helix by Tom Elderfield

There is an energy that binds the universe together. What if you could be taught to harness that power? To be able to move objects, manipulate matter, with a mere thought.

Move any small object from a distance with the power of your mind, then end completely clean! Without the use of threads, magnets, elastic, blowing, or vibrating systems.

You are taught a haunted deck routine that you will love performing. As well as many different applications all using HELIX.

Plus a bonus linking rubber band effect.

"Tom Elderfield is a creative force not to be messed with! Helix surely displays Tom's creative power. Helix holds a unique method that only an out-of-the-box thinker would conjure up!! Nice work Tom!!"
- Danny Weiser

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