Numbers by Rus Andrews and MagicTao

Numbers by Rus Andrews and MagicTao

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Numbers by Rus Andrews and MagicTao

'Numbers' is a great twist on the ACAAN plot.

Imagine placing a prediction, openly in front of your spectator, and handing them a deck of cards.

You then ask the spectator to create a 2 digit number?

After the spectator has checked that the deck is a normal shuffled deck you ask them to deal down to the number they have chosen.

The card they deal to matches the prediction that they have had in full view the entire time.

Thisdownload also comes with a PDF that has 10 additional great routines by some great thinkers.

  • Only one prediction
  • Only one envelope
  • Only one deck
  • No switching
  • No rough and smooth or sticky cards
  • No forcing
  • Deck is examined beforehand
  • Instant reset

Included are:

  • AStreaming Downloadwith full explanations
  • Bonus PDF with 10 additional routines

Supply your own cards.

"A devious deception ...It's all in the hands! Whether it's gambling, influence or magic your number's up with Numbers." -IAIN, The Magic Cafe

"When it comes to 'card at any number' effects, I've tried most and Rus Andrews' 'Numbers' is the one I always come back to." -Sean Giles, The Magic Cafe

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