Space Bottle 2.0 by Steven X

Space Bottle 2.0 by Steven X

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Space Bottle 2.0 by Steven X

Space Bottle 2.0 is a new generation of levitation. Your spectators will be amazed asTHEIRborrowed bottle rotates and levitates as it magically travels from your hands to the trash. This is aPOWERFUL, DYNAMIC,levitation that you can do at a moments notice and instantly repeat. You willLOVEthe reactions you get with this! Boost your bookings and your reputation with Space Bottle 2.0.

  • Requires no motors or retractable devices.
  • Borrow any plastic bottle. Including ketchup, mustard, or soda. Use your imagination.
  • Hands start and end clean.
  • Float Sharpie or other writing devices.
  • No pre-show.
  • Easy to get in and out of.
  • Float your bottle or writing device at a moments notice.

Space Bottle 2.0 packs small and plays BIG! Don't just throw your bottles away, float them away! Discover the power of Space Bottle 2.0 in YOU! Get your copy today!

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