iMind by Pablo Amira (Instant Download)

iMind by Pablo Amira (Instant Download)

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iMind by Pablo Amira (Instant Download)

Impromptu Mentalism with ANY borrowed phone

iMind is a new routine that will allow you to create Impromptu Mentalism with ANY phone.

Get names, words,PIN codes, memories and MUCH more.
Read minds with this direct method anywhere!

No preparation
No iOS needed
iPhone & Android!


"Awesome man. The effect is STRONG and the method is devilish

"Amazing phone effect that is app free and works with any modern smart phone. You get a well shot and explained video explanation and access to a secret group where great ideas are already springing up!"
Jakob Michaels

"This is a lovely simple idea and Pablo has added so many bonuses and different ideas to it.
All in all, this is a great idea and I am sure I will use it.
Watching his video I couldn't help it thinking that Pablo has possibly the most honest eyes in our industry. "

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