Paul Voodini - Multi-Dimensional Out of This World MDOOTW PDF

Paul Voodini - Multi-Dimensional Out of This World MDOOTW PDF

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Multi-Dimensional Out of This World By Paul Voodini

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Paul Voodini presents Multi-Dimensional Out Of This World, his own take on the classic Out Of This World card routine. As you can probably imagine, in the hands of Voodini Out Of This World is shaken up and is turned into a 3 phase routine featuring a volunteer being appointed as the group's psychic, a message being delivered from the spirits, and a display of personal intuition that contains within it a subconscious message!

With an presentational angle that incorporates the volunteers' hopes and dreams for the future, this is a great routine that you will use again and again!

No sleight of hand is required, and the PDF fully explains and describes everything required for a fun and upbeat presentation. More experienced performers would easily be able to turn this single routine into a full evening of mystery entertainment.

This routine is ideal for a parlour presentation or could be adapted for close-up. The only equipment required is a normal deck of playing cards.

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