Pual Voodini & Cashliostro - Astro-Divinations

Pual Voodini & Cashliostro - Astro-Divinations

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Pual Voodini & Cashliostro - Astro-Divinations

Paul Voodini is very proud to present the wonderfully enigmatic Count Cashliostro's Astro-Divinations. Being able to instinctively know someone's astrological sign has long been held as one of the holy grails of mentalism. In this extensive 74 page PDF, Cashliostro presents his own answer to this riddle of the ages!

From the introduction:

Have you ever imagined that you’d like to just walk up to a person and be able to say, “You’re a Scorpio, aren’t you?” and be correct 100% of the time? Me too! Okay, so the bad news is that I haven’t been able to figure that out yet. But the good news is that the techniques in this book are the best and closest I’ve come up with so far.

The main technique in this book is totally different from any other astrological divinations. There are no progressive anagrams. You do not need to ask your subject to visualize letters or images. You are not “telepathically” receiving images or letters. You are just receiving impressions from the person. You really receive the impressions with your real intuition. The technique is virtually self-working (once you memorize it). You are always right.

This book describes three different totally new techniques for making a deep connection with people by intuiting their zodiac sign (also sometimes called the sun sign or star sign). You will use your actual intuition as a significant tool in this process, although the techniques described are largely automatic in their structure.