Paul Voodini - Ninja Mindreading Secrets PDF

Paul Voodini - Ninja Mindreading Secrets PDF

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Paul Voodini - Ninja Mindreading Secrets

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Ninja Mind-Reading Secrets of the Cold War Psychic Spies is a 56 page PDF comprising of routines, ideas and thoughts. The reader is taken on a journey from the Victorian London of Scotland Yard to the CIA & Soviet psychic spy initiatives to the Psychic Shadowlands of the Shinobi Ninja. The reader is also introduced to a variety of real life psychic spies and the adventures they undertook!

The ebook is broken down into three parts: Scotland Yard, the CIA, and the Ninja. The book features the following routines: The Hangman's Noose*, The Baker Street Tarot, Past Life Pendulum, Unknown Caller*, Remote Viewing with Cards and Own the Future. The book also outlines the techniques by which the Ninja both practiced psychic phenomena and allowed legends of the supernatural to surround them. This is a fascinating book full of more than just routines.

*The Hangman's Noose previously appeared in a compilation entitled Pendulum Magic: Routines for Mystery Entertainers and Unknown Caller was a guest contribution in Rob Chapman'sArts Notorious.

1st edition 2012, 57 pages.
word count: 14000 which is equivalent to 56 standard pages of text

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