Doc Docherty LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

Doc Docherty LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

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Doc Docherty LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

"Groove Electric combines a clean mechanical action with an optical swindle, and the result is something beautiful to behold."-David Regal

"I watched the video half a dozen times and I still did not have a clue. I was totally
fooled."-Allan Ackerman

What will he teach?

Relationship Test -An audience tested routine that is so simple you’ve probably already have done it. The nugget here is the presentation. Also if you work for tips this is a money maker. Learn all the details and presentations.

Thoughts on Presentation.

How to Connect with your audience.

The DASSUP- Doc's All Around Square Up. This unique move will open up tons of possibility and is also the foundation for the Groove Electric Switch. Learn all the controls, techniques.

The Groove Electric Switch- This is a very clean way of switching a card from the out jogged fanned position. I will also be teaching and performing multiple routines using the switch.

Thoughts on Busking.

What to expect the first time out.

The beauty of working a trickle.

The Zoso Change- The amazing easy color change that looks like trick photography.

The Unexpected Up Jog- a mechanical way of producing a card(s) from a tabled spread.

Doc' s Triumph- two versions of the classic effect.

Any card at Unknown Number- a unique easy twist on the holy grail of magic.

Super Collectors– a knuckle busting collectors routine.

Chop Cup Routine Busking and Parlour- my professional chop cup routine used over 20 years.

Stand up and Parlour presentations

Move Monkey- a few moves and techniques you can add to your tool box.

Sleight Club Discussion

Many more little tips and techniques will be explained though out the whole entire lecture.

Who is he?

Doc started performing magic around 9 years old. By 17 was hired to work at a Paramount Theme Park. There he was able to get real world experience by performing 8 shows a day. Learning about presentation and improv.

Years followed with countless restaurant and private gigs. In the early 2000s Doc opened up a magic store and followed by creating The East Coast Super Session which is now called TRICS held in Charlotte, NC every year.

Author of 3 books and creator of the spectacular Zoso Change and deceptive Groove Electric Switch.