Almost Automatic by Josh Burch

Almost Automatic by Josh Burch

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On this download you will learn three self-working, very deceptive card effects over almost 40 minutes of instruction. While they are all easy to do technically, they do require presentation skills and brain power to produce the best possible effect.

Clocked: This is a force where the spectator cuts to a random position in the deck and the magician is able to name the card they cut to.
Belly Flop: The spectator shuffles the deck and mixes the cards face up into face down. They then take 3 cards out of the deck and the magician is able to name each card.
Every Card Has Its Number: A spectator selects a card and another spectator selects a second card. The second card indicates the exact position of the first selected card.
These effects are easy to do and are sure to fool your friends and family!

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