Dave Womach - Secrets of Bird Magic(1-2)

Dave Womach - Secrets of Bird Magic(1-2)

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Secrets of Bird Magic Vol. 1-2 by Dave Womach

Secrets of Bird Magic Volume 1 features many new concepts with birds, including the exploding dove vanish, impromptu parakeet from Kleenex, and many, many more. Learn the beginning steps of how to train your parrot for a show. Everything you'll need to know to get your birds into your 1st show!

Amazing never before seen parakeet magic!
Including: Impromptu Parakeet From Kleenex!
Slow-Motion explanations on all dove techniques!
Featuring: The Exploding Dove Vanish!
Teach your parrot how to wave, shake its head, and perform a card trick!
How to safely train your parrot to get into a harness!
Running Time Approximately: 1hr 10min

Volume 2
Now, nearly a decade after its original release, Secrets Of Bird Magic still proves to be the best and only DVD for learning how to do many different steals with your parrot, including basics of how to get your parrot to go into a harness! Features live show footage from backstage, so you can see how it applies in the real world! We've held back nothing as we show you many new parakeet and dove techniques as well! You'll love the parakeet vanish that will make you never want to use a devil's hank to vanish your budgies ever again!

Many clever new ideas on this video!
Ambitious card routine with a parakeet finale!
Slow-Motion explanations on every method!
Featuring: Dove from fire, ball to dove, and more!
Parrot productions and steals for a variety of venues!
TROUBLE SHOOTING: Does your parrot hate the harness? Not anymore!

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