Edward Marlo - Marlo's Roughed Stripper Deck

Edward Marlo - Marlo's Roughed Stripper Deck



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Edward Marlo – Marlo’s Roughed Stripper Deck

MARLO’S ROUGHED STRIPPER DECK Marlo began experimenting with gaffed decks in the Forties. He sought to combine old ideas andprinciples to create trick decks that supplied more power to increase the number of applications toexpert cardwork.Requirements: A stripper deck and roughing fluid.Preparation: Apply roughing fluid to the faces of a Stripper deck. ROUGH-AND-READY TRIUMPH As you introduce and handle the cards, rotate the top half (on a horizontal axis) to put the narrowends to the front. The lower half has its wide ends to the back. This is a Strip-Out Condition. Ribbon-spread the deck face down, then scoop up the cards. Hold the deck in position for an in-the-hands Faro Shuffle. Separate the halves, using your right thumb near the wider, lower end to easilylift the section. Release one card, then turn and replace the top section or simply flip the top halfsideways and face-up. Spread or fan the cards to show the face-up/face-down condition. Square up and weave the face-upportion into the face-down portion via a Faro Shuffle. This is a Straddle Faro into the larger, face-down section. Therefore, after the shuffle the top and bottom cards are face down. Make a magical gesture and fairly spread the cards to apparently show them face down. The facedpairs will cling together as doubles; hence the twenty-five face-up cards don’t show. Perform as casualspread between your hands or execute a quick fan, fingertip or one-hand type. Don’t ribbon-spreadthem on the table. The spread will look “short.” Table and position the deck for a Riffle Shuffle. Say, “I’ll do that again!” Perform an easy Strip-Out ofthe face-up cards; however, simultaneously Slip Cut the top face-down card. Therefore, the strippedsection to the right consists of face-up cards covered by a face-down card. Turn and spread the remaining section with your left hand. Say, “As before, these face-up cards areshuffled into these face-down cards. This time, I’ll shuffle on the table.” Square the left section andperform a Closed Riffle Shuffle, retaining the face-down card on top. Leave the deck tabled and cleanly take and turn the top, face-down card as you say, “By turning thiscard face-up, all the rest turn in sympathy!” Replace the top card and immediately ribbon-spread thedeck. All the cards are face-up. R. S. PEEK DECK Preparation: Arrange a shuffled Roughed Stripper by pairing pseudo-mates in the following manner.Hold the deck face-up and deal the first card to the table. Suppose it’s the QS. Locate the QC and dealit face down and injogged onto the face-up QS. Deal the next card face-up and aligned with the face-up QS. Suppose it’s the 5H. Locate the 5D and deal it face down and aligned with the QC. Continue inthis manner until you have twenty-six jogged pairs. Strip out the twenty-six face-up, injogged cards,turn them face down, and place them underneath the other twenty-six cards. The deck is now set inStay-Stack. Place it into its case. Before the gaffed version is explained, here is an impromptu Peek Deck