Wolfgang Riebe - The Complete Works

Wolfgang Riebe - The Complete Works



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Wolfgang Riebe – The Complete Works

30 Years of performing magic as a profession in over 150 countries. This is a compilation of all Wolfgang’s magic books, magic magazine articles, tips and ideas across the entire magical spectrum. A huge collection of original, practical and commercial tricks for all magicians. This is a must have for your magic library and a publication that will become part of your ‘favorite book’ list. Whether you are an amateur, pro, stage or kid’s magician – you will find, not one, but many tricks you will include in your shows.

Chapters include:

  • Close-Up
  • Mentalism
  • Stage & Parlor Magic
  • Children’s Magic
  • Cards
  • The Theory Behind What We Do
  • Your Own Touring Shows
  • Comedy Patter Presentations and so much more!

Unique Feature: Links to numerous Teach-In and Online Videos

1st edition 2011, 438 pages; 2nd edition 2017, 750 pages.
word count: 152926 which is equivalent to 611 standard pages of text